About Dr. Masiello’s Practice

Dr.  Masiello is a licensed physician board certified in Osteopathic Manipulation (C-SPOMM) and Homeopathy (D.Ht.). Dr. Masiello practices an integration of traditional osteopathy and classical homeopathy which is holistic.

As a licensed physician he understands the conventional medical model and uses it when appropriate. He helps patients see past both conventional and alternative medical hype. He works with patients in  a caring, process-oriented way that promotes optimal health, self-awareness and longevity, taking the patient beyond the  “quick fix.” He  spends more time with patients compared to conventional physicians. Fees are reasonable and insurance reimbursement is usually available. Virtually all of his patients receive osteopathic as well as homeopathic care. This helps save time and money on multiple doctors’ visits for physical therapy, chiropractic or cranial-sacral therapy as he addresses these needs during each office visit.

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