Cranial Osteopathy- Baby treatmentThese days with constantly shifting insurance coverage, its difficult to keep the same doctor from year to year let alone for a lifetime. So it is that we forget what the word “family” in family medicine can mean.  It means you treat families, generation to generation not just all members of one generation.  And so it is with little Maggie here. She’s weeks old and had a rather difficult birth.She underwent vacuum extraction just 2 weeks earlier that left her bruised and swollen. During her mom’s pregnancy it looked like an inflamed appendix was going to lead to surgery during pregnancy. Homeopathy to the rescue. I was able to prescribe for Maggie’s mom while she was in the hospital. The white count went down, the pain subsided and the ultrasound showed less swelling of her appendix during her 48 hour hospital stay. She was discharged home to complete an uneventful pregnancy. I prescribed remedies to help with labor and delivery and then post-partem for the after effects of the extraction. Here she is getting her first cranial treatment as I take care of any residual strain patterns in her body. I have treated Maggie’s mom since she was a child as well as her grandmother and great grandmother. Sometimes I feel like an old country doc smack dab in mid town Manhattan! Welcome to the world Maggie.

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