The Practice of Holistic Medicine

Addressing Health Holistically

Holistic Medicine is not simply alternative medicine which merely replaces the types of substances which are used during treatment while the perspective of the practitioner remains the same old medical model. Neither is it complementary medicine which just adds alternative treatment modalities to conventional medical practice. Holistic Medicine is a multidimensional view of healing which understands that people are more than physical beings alone. We are also mental, emotional and spiritual beings living in a complex cultural and environmental context. Dr. Masiello’s practice is a unique integration of the healing arts of cranial osteopathy and classical homeopathy both of which address health concerns in a multi-dimensional way.

The essence of homeopathy is holism

In order to prescribe a homeopathic remedy, the physician must understand the patient through his/her symptoms. Each person’s unique experience with their illness is more important than the name of the specific disease or condition. Even mechanical injuries require the homeopath to consider all symptoms – physical, mental and emotional. This is true for both acute and chronic problems. The remedies don’t actually treat symptoms directly. They interact with the patient’s vital energy and it is this vital force that promotes healing. The reaction the patient has to the remedy will be felt on multiple levels – physical, mental and emotional. Homeopathic medicine has been healing patients since 1796, long before the age of antibiotics.

Osteopathy Is Also a Holistic Approach

Although Osteopathy’s approach to the patient is through the musculoskeletal system, the effects of cranial osteopathic manipulative treatment are widespread and varied. Mental, emotional and physical symptoms resolve when impediments to the free flow of life’s healing energies are restored.

Ultimately, health is best improved when the individual patient designs for him or herself a pathway of self-transformation involving changes in diet and nutrition, recreational activity, social involvement and psycho-spiritual development. Holistic Medicine can aid in that process.

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