How To Plus A Remedy

Sometimes your homeopathic doctor might ask you to plus a remedy. Essentially, this means taking some pellets and putting them in water, letting them dissolve and then using the solution as a remedy for additional doses.

If you have a remedy in small pellets, like the type that Dr. Masiello uses in his office, then take your first dose as dry pellets. For your next dose, take 10 pellets and dissolve them in water. Do not use chlorinated tap water. Filtered tap water or well water is fine. The easiest way is to use a small bottle of spring water like Poland Spring. Do not use carbonated spring waters. Use the small 6-8 ounce bottle. Put the pellets in the bottle, shake and dissolve the pellets. Then before you take each dose, shake the bottle vigorously.  One dose is a teaspoon of the solution. Using more of the solution does not make the remedy work any better so just use a teaspoon.

You can also use a glass of water. Put the pellets in 3-4 ounces of water. Stir vigorously before each dose. Cover the glass with plastic wrap between uses. If you have a remedy in the large pellet format, like the “Blue Tube” brand, then just use 2 pellets as a dose and follow the directions as above.

The number of times you take the remedy is up to your doctor. Plussing a remedy increases the strength of the remedy with each stir or shake. It is also a way of stretching the remedy if you don’t have enough pellets for the number of doses you need to take.

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