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I have been seeing Dr. Masiello since I was a teenager suffering from bleeding piles and various other upper respiratory ailments. Within the first year itself, my piles were sorted out and then my chronic episodes of sore throat, cold and cough. I found that Dr. Masiello's biggest strength was his diagnosis. He would be able to isolate the ailment and therefore give exact treatment. It was never trial and error. When my daughter was in Emergency with acute diarrhoea, here in Dubai, it was Dr Masiello that I called as I knew his remedy would surely help her. And it did. Today along with me, both my children are his patients and I find that its his ability to treat a patient holistically that works for us - aside from specific episodes of illness he is also adept at isolating and then treating any underlying emotional issues within his patients.
I have been a patient of Dr. Masiello since 1995 and ascribe my ongoing excellent health to both his homeopathic expertise as well as his osteopathic practice. I came to Dr. Masiello with a variety of chronic ailments including acid reflux, hemorrhoids, dandruff, rashes, back pain, anger and anxiety issues. I was impressed from the beginning by his holistic approach, his recognition of the entire context of my being, the time that he spent with me, his encyclopedic knowledge of homeopathic remedies and their efficacy, his creative insights. He helped me change my expectation of outcomes, shifting from the quick fix of the symptom-suppressing over the counter medicines to the slower, long term and more root-effective outcomes that come with homeopathy. I visit Dr. Masiello regularly, not simply when I have an issue but in a preventative modality: he literally stops me from getting sick. Dr. Masiello can spend over an hour per visit treating the nexus of body, mind, spirit that is you. Who else in the world of health care in the 21st century will give you this kind of attention?
New York, NY
I have been a patient of Dr. Masiello's for over 25 years. He has helped me with stress, depression, anxiety, stomach issues, and synovitis of the hip. Through his treatment, he decreased symptoms to the point where they are almost gone or cured entirely. He's a miracle worker and I'm honored to be his patient and friend.
I have been a patient for over 25 years.  Throughout that time I have had a myriad of health and body issues from C-Section recovery, influenza, urinary tract infections, tendonitis and sciatic problems ( to name a few) that have only been resolved because of the excellent homeopathic and osteopathic care that I have received from Dr. Masiello.  I live a very busy active life and Dr. Masiello has kept me strong and healthy with the best care that one could ever expect to receive. It is my pleasure to have Dr. Masiello as my health care provider.  The rest of my family (who are also his patients) loves you and thanks you as well!
Dr. Masiello is a deeply skilled and experienced homeopath and osteopath. As a patient for over 23 years, Dr. Masiello has successfully treated me for numerous health concerns including seasonal allergy symptoms, a severe allergic reaction to lactose that I developed mid-life, and digestive system issues. In all cases, symptoms have been significantly reduced or eliminated through homeopathic remedies by treating the underlying causes instead of just the symptoms. I find that my periodic osteopathic adjustments with Dr. Masiello bring me back and neck pain relief for much longer periods than if I see a chiropractor. I would recommend Dr. Masiello to any family or individual looking for overall wellness through homeopathy and osteopathy.
Dr. Domenick Masiello has been my primary doctor for 20 years and is a remarkable physician with a human touch and manner which are rare and healing. Over that time, he has helped me with many conditions including flu, sinusitis, acid reflux, earache, prostatitis, allergic reactions, muscle and joint pains, asthma, impaired digestive motility, herpes and more. The kind of medicine Dr. Masiello practices is superior to that provided by regular physicians in three main dimensions: lower cost, less intrusive, and better curing. The first is dramatically lower costs because he replaces expensive drugs, tests, and surgical and other procedures with low costs remedies and osteopathic manipulation. Second, the treatments are less invasive and debilitating because his remedies and manipulation do not cause side effects and are designed to cure and not just treat symptoms. Third, his individualized care is more effective than the “one size fits all” approach of drug prescribing because he deals with my whole unique person and conditions. He spends much time with me when I am sick to understand fully what is going on before he decides on what treatment to use.Let me provide three examples to illustrate what I have said.
I have been a patient of Dr. Masiello's for over 25 years and have benefited enormously from his osteopathic and homeopathic treatment. I had chronic problems due to an old injury to my cervical spine which Dr. Masiello's osteopathic treatment has relieved so much that it has not been an issue for many years. At age 60 I enjoy excellent general health, free of any significant problems, which I attribute to the constitutional homeopathic treatment I have received from Dr. Masiello. Regular homeopathic treatment over the years, has not only nipped the very few colds and coughs that I have had in the bud, but has created a robust state of health which, while I tend to take it for granted, others have often remarked on.
I began seeing Dr. Masiello in 2014 upon the glowing recommendation of a friend who has been his patient for over twenty years. I felt I was a collection of medical issues, each one being treated by a well-intentioned expert. I needed a doctor who would see me as a whole person wanting to LEARN and be a partner in my own health care. Dr. Masiello is that guy!

With Dr. Masiello, I feel energized because he includes me as a valued partner. He takes the time to listen, assess my symptoms in relation to the whole me, and gives me options. I feel comfortable asking questions, even if sometimes they may be dumb ones.
I have obtained much relief from a chronic leg problem and misaligned skeleton from an auto accident 40 years ago and am on a much better eating and exercising regimen. Recently my orthopedist scheduled me for a knee operation under general anesthesia and offered no other alternatives. Dr. Masiello helped me develop a much more thorough understanding of my situation, including alternatives. I decided to take a more conservative approach and cancelled the surgery. The knee continues to improve. Seeing Dr. Masiello in New York City would not be possible for me, so I feel especially fortunate that he sees patients in Connecticut too.
I began seeing Dr. Masiello in 1999 for chronic urinary tract infections.  The results were nothing less than miraculous. Not only did the UTI's stop immediately but they stayed away for 12 years.   My overall health improved and my immune system felt more robust.  Issues that have come up over the years such as sciatica, various neck problems and a bout of whooping cough have all responded well to his approach, sometimes with similar immediate and remarkable results and other times with gradual, steady improvement.  Dr. Masiello’s combination of osteopathy and homeopathy continues to be my primary healthcare, not only because it works with my body and not against it, but just because it works!
As a patient of Dr. Masiello's for the past few years, my treated conditions have greatly improved or stabilized, to my solid satisfaction. It has been additionally gratifying to be able to ask questions, discuss reasons for treatments, and not be kept in the dark. I have been helped with coronary artery disease, arthritis, spinal stenosis, insomnia, and carpal tunnel problems. Now in my seventies, I feel energetic and healthy, wanting and able to walk over a mile each day, and enjoy good energy. As a 38 year survivor of breast cancer, I very much appreciate the fastidious help that keeps me going.
Dr. Masiello has been treating me for the past eight years. I was referred to him by another physician after being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis.  I was originally going to have surgery but consultations with four different neurosurgeons yielded four different opinions.   The only thing that they had in common was that they wanted to operate.  I was confused.  My personal physician suggested that I forward my MRI information to Dr. Masiello. After an initial consult he believed that he could treat me without surgery.  I enjoyed improvement and stability over the past eight years.  He also treated me for a slight tear in my left rotator cuff.  Again the surgeons wanted to cut. Dr. Masiello fixed me in one visit.  I cannot say enough good things about him.  I have referred friends to him over the years and if he thinks he can treat them he will say so.  If he believes that surgery is the best option he will give it to you straight.
I have had Dr. Masiello as my primary physician since he began his practice in the 1980’s. In those 30-odd years, he has treated me for a whole range of physical and non-physical ailments. Physically, he treated semi-annual cold sores appearing on my lip (which haven’t returned in years), hemorrhoids, and sports injuries to my knee and shoulders. Much more importantly, he has “seen me through” various, serious, life changes – beating depression without ever resorting to drugs. I don’t see him much, and I believe it’s largely because he keeps me well. Under his care, I’ve used antibiotics only twice in over 30 years, and I’ve never had to visit another healthcare professional for anything.
I've been working with Dr. Masiello for over 7 years now and I couldn't be happier. Both the combination of healing techniques that he works with and the professionalism and warmth with which he works are a true experience of wellbeing and health. I have found both the homeopathy and osteopathy and other work extremely effective. The part I love the most is that I feel like both the overt and nuanced are being healed. I've been helped with anything from hemorrhoids and heart burn to emotional states of irritation, anger, sadness, etc. I recommend the doctor for any and all kinds of health issues.
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Masiello’s for almost ten years now. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long and even now when I tell him that he saved my life, I wonder if he believes me. But it’s true. It’s why I carry his card with me everywhere I go. And when I give it to friends, which I do very often, I tell them the same thing. He saved my life. I thought I was going mad. Hot flashes, exhaustion, debilitating migraines, back aches, poor concentration, emotional swings,, you name it, I had it. The specialists I saw, one after the other weren’t interested in me just the body part that was affected. I remember trying to explain to one specialist why I felt I was sick and he dismissed me before I could even finish. I left his office determined never to return. In a world where healthcare is in major transition, where good doctors are scarce, when pharmaceutical companies are more about business than cure, it’s a relief and a huge comfort to have a doctor who sees the whole person. He is interested and determined to cure. He is straight forward and compassionate which are both evident in the way he listens and practice. If you bring patience, he will bring cure and I’m here to tell you that it is worth it. If you want a better life, mentally, physically and free of pain, if you want a doctor to treat the whole person, you have found the right place. Lucky you.
I have been a patient of Dr. Masiello since 2002 , he has successfully treated my seasonal allergy symptoms, my allergic reaction to pollen reduced to ten to twenty percent  compared to what I used to suffer before seeing him. In the middle of 2014 after my dermatologist told me that your psoriasis has no cure and you have to learn to live with it, I looked at myself feeling horrible, my legs, my arms, my hands all affected, I called Dr. Masiello and asked if he can treat my psoriasis, the answer was yes, treatment started somewhere in the middle of 2014, and todays date is December 2015, the only psoriasis spot left  on my body, is on my left leg and its as big as 25 cent. I am very happy . I would recommend Dr. Masiello’s unique approach to healing. Dr. Masiello is a true caring healer.
I have known Dr Masiello a little over 25 years, the first time as an observer. He treated my 3-yr-old daughter for a middle-ear infection. Seeing him was an act of desperation on my part; she had been visiting her pediatrician once every month or so and would receive yet another prescription for Amoxicillin. By that time, I had been reading about the dangers of the overuse of antibiotics and how conventional MDs were ignoring the most recent advice and continuing to write more and more prescriptions. Dr Masiello examined my daughter, gave her a dose of Belladonna in a super-dilute potency; it solved the middle ear problem within the hour. He said that it would probably occur again in a month or two, and then we should return. It did, we returned, and he gave my daughter a dose of Pulsatilla; the infection never recurred.
I was raised by a physics teacher who was an active member of the American Association for the Advanced of Science (AAAS) and I was fairly certain homeopathy should not work—and yet, it seemed to anyway. Is placebo effect active in a 3-yr-old child? All I could tell was that something happened that completely interfered with my worldview and I wasn’t very happy about it. Yet, I was sufficiently curious that I made an appointment with Dr Masiello a couple of months later. “Ineffectual straining” in the bathroom in the morning was the issue, something that—at the time—had plagued me for close to two decades. I received Natrum Muriaticum, (table salt, something that one would think should have no medicinal value!) and my problem seemed mysteriously to disappear. Since then, I have seen Dr Masiello for issues including influenza, benign vascular tumors, pneumonia and, most recently, an autoimmune disorder. In each instance, I visited the doctor and, within reasonable time periods, each of these conditions had been successfully addressed, curing some and modulating others, making them manageable and almost unnoticeable. I had generally been told by conventional physicians, particularly about the latter group of ailments, that I would require surgery or unending prescriptions for steroids, neither of which I believed to be safe. In each case, Dr Masiello depended on his considerable clinical experience, his broad knowledge of science and medicine, and common sense. Dr Masiello is a “real” doctor, by the way: if necessary, he will write prescriptions and has done so for me more than once. Sometimes one just needs an allopathic prescription! I have always found my interactions with Dr Masiello to be positive ones.
The doctor is smart, remarkably well read on any number of varied subjects, and quite responsive to the special needs of his patients, even to the point of encouraging telephone follow-up “visits” when necessary. I cannot imagine what the past few decades would have been like without having known the good doctor and, actually, prefer not to consider what the alternative scenarios might have looked like!
Shoulder and Knee Pain - Dr. Dom applied both Osteopathic treatments and Homeopathic remedies for shoulder pain that I had prior to a 15 day, 250 mile hike in 2014. His treatments were successful and I was able to complete the journey and return home pain free.  This was after first consulting an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to administer a series of Synvisc injections that I refused.  He told me that if I did the hike I would be in such pain that I would need to be hospitalized. Shoulder Surgery - Dr. Dom applied Homeopathic remedies pre and post operation.  Although the surgeon, and everyone I knew who had similar surgery, warned me about intense pain the first 2-3 days, I was only on pain meds for 10 hours post-surgery.  I also formed a clot in my calf after surgery that traditional medicine treated with blood thinners, which do not dissolve the clot.  Dr. Dom gave me a Homeopathic remedy to break down the clot and it was mostly gone after three weeks. This will shorten my time on blood thinning meds.  During the entire process, he also advised me on what to ask my doctors so I could be better informed to advocate for myself.  Dr. Dom also stressed that his treatments are supplemental to traditional medicine, not a replacement, but they did limit the amount of pharmaceutical drugs that I had to take.
I became Dr. Masiello’s patient in 1995. My husband joined me shortly after. I arrived with many discomforting and seemingly unrelated conditions including, depression, allergies, joint pain, frequent upper respiratory infections and frequent constipation among others. Like many people, I was frustrated with the specialization of medicine that seemed to cause as many conditions as it “cured”. Dr. Massiello diagnosed and successfully treated me for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a condition that was responsible, in large part, for many of my presenting symptoms. He was also the leading member of the international healing team that diagnosed and successfully treated me for a large, invasive desmoid tumor in my left hip, a rare condition with which allopathic medicine has had very little success and seemingly less interest.  Over all these many years and through many healing crises, both my husband and I have depended on Dr. Masiello’s expert knowledge, dedication, creativity, perseverance and care. He is a true healer. We’re so glad we found him. 
I am 70 and have been seeing Dr. Masiello for over 30 years. He has used both osteopathic  manipulation as well as homeopathic medicines in my treatment. I went from age 40 and not being too healthy, to today, where I need no drugs, go to crossfit daily and feel great; all thanks to him. He is the only medical doctor I ever see.
How do I sing the praise of someone as amazingly dedicated and giving as Dr. Masiello? Well, I guess I’ll start with my most recent problem, which was, note the “was,” Thyroiditis, Hyper-Thyroid.  This was a very serious inflammation of my Thyroid gland.  Statistically, most people’s thyroid would likely burn itself out and they would then need to take the synthetic hormone Synthroid, to replace the missing hormones of their no longer functioning Thyroid gland for the rest of their lives. Instead, over the course of several months and a few homeopathic remedies and several office visits to Dr. Masiello,  my thyroid gland healed, and is again functioning normally. I did not develop any antibodies to my own thyroid so I don’t need further treatment for that.
Dr. Masiello is a caring and concerned physician.  He doesn’t just treat you or think about you while you are in front of him.  He will “work” on your case to help you heal and become a whole, healthier person.
I began going to Dr. Masiello many years ago for chronic sinus infections, which I had suffered from for many years.  Over the course of time he helped my body unravel its long and tiresome history of allergies, ear infections, colds, hives, warts, migraine headaches and other maladies which have plagued me since childhood, and defined my stressed-out health profile. In 2008, I had a fever of unknown origin.  Every day for three solid months, except perhaps 1 hour a day, I had a fever.  It started at around 104.5 and stayed there for over a week.  My resting heart rate was 120 beats per minute. I had to hold on to walls to walk.  I saw two or three allopathic doctors a day several times a week for the duration of the fever.  I was going to every kind of allopathic doctor you can think of to try and figure out what it was.  Dr. Masiello was able to treat my fever.  Over the course of the three months my fever would come down slightly incrementally. In an effort to try to diagnose and treat me, my internist had me scheduled for a liver biopsy, and even suggested I have my spleen removed. The evening before the liver biopsy I began showing signs of disorientation. My husband spoke with Dr. Masiello and he told my husband that I didn’t need a liver biopsy, I needed to see a neurologist, right away. Dr. Masiello was right. Today, I still have my spleen, and no liver biopsy was needed. At the end of 12 weeks my fever was gone, but my resting heart rate was still 120 beats per minute. I went to a second cardiologist and an MRI showed that I had myocarditis, an inflammation of one of the layers of my heart.  The cardiologist put me on heart medication to slow my heart down, and steroids for a time to fight the inflammation.  All the while Dr. Masiello continued to treat me for the various findings. The cardiologist wanted me to stay on the heart medication the rest of my life.  I felt awful on it.  I always felt like there was something tightly holding my heart.  Dr. Masiello treated me with several remedies over the course of time, I believe at different potencies and I was weaned off of the heart medication completely.  My resting heart rate now is between 68-76. While my husband and I could not contact my allopathic doctor many times, because he was off that day, or it was not during office hours, Dr. Masiello was always there to answer our questions, quiet our fears and guide us as to what needed to be done. He was available 24/7 whenever I, or my husband needed him. He was the only doctor I saw who was genuinely concerned and responsive to our needs. Dr. Masiello is on our team. Dr. Masiello has also treated my children and my grandchildren for various illness over the course of their lives; strep throat, sinus infections, mononucleosis. My daughter was in the spring semester of her senior year in college and was accepted into law school for the following fall semester, when she developed mononucleosis.  On a Monday, the allopathic doctor said that her liver and spleen were swollen to twice the size they should normally be.  He took her blood and said I had to take her home and not let her go out, because if she fell she could rupture her spleen or her liver.  She couldn’t even swallow her own saliva, that’s how much her throat hurt. When the blood test came back by the end of the day, it confirmed that she did indeed have mononucleosis.  I was supposed to take her back to the allopathic doctor the following Monday for a follow-up blood test. The next morning, Tuesday, I took her to Dr. Masiello.  He gave her some remedies that she was supposed to take over the course of the next few days. The following week, on Monday, when I took my daughter back to the allopathic doctor he took her blood and said he’d call as soon as the results were back.  He called by the end of the day and said, “Well, miracles do happen.”  She could go back to school and finish out her spring semester.  Had she not been treated homeopathically for the mononucleosis she would have lost the approximately 6 weeks of classes and not been able to start law school that fall. Dr. Masiello has helped to treat me for cancer, too.  He has guided me through to being a healthier person and because of that a happier person.
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