Osteopathic Treatment Reactions

After Osteopathic Treatment, it is not uncommon to experience a reaction. This treatment reaction typically unfolds over a 3-day period. It will gradually build for 1½ days and gradually subside for 1½ days.

The reaction may be experienced as increased pain or soreness, tiredness or even sadness. This is particularly true if the original symptom complex was the result of physical or emotional trauma and if cranial manipulation was used during the treatment session.

Sometimes during the treatment there may be a “somato-emotional” release. This is a mind-body remembering and re-experiencing of trauma followed by a deep shift in awareness and a reduction of symptoms. Generally, nothing needs to be done for the treatment reaction – some extra rest, a warm bath, etc. is all that is required.

If you have specific concerns please call the office. After the first three days the treatment continues to unfold over a period of 1 – 3 weeks. During this time it is important not to interrupt this process with any new medications or treatments of any kind.

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