Homeopathy and Weight Loss

The most popular question in my practice is, “Do you take my insurance?”. The second most popular question is, “Do you have a remedy for weight loss?”.  My answer to that question usually runs something like this: If I did, I’d be on my private yacht right now. The truth is there is no specific remedy for any condition in homeopathy. Remedy selection is unique to the individual.

The conventional medical world views weight loss as a simple equation: calories in minus calories burned equals added weight or weight loss. But it is not that simple. Eating is a psycho-physiological process not a chemical equation. We eat for reasons other than physiological hunger. Involved also are our psychological complexes about eating and the conscious and unconscious (subliminal) programming by the food industry. In addition, the food industry (mainstream and alternative) have been adding salt, sugar and fat to foods as a way to program our eating habits. This is like the tobacco industry adding extra nicotine to make cigarettes more addictive.  Additives are tested for toxicity but not for their effect on metabolism and over-eating. The Center for Science in the Public Interest maintains a list of food additives that helps inform us of our “chemical cuisine”.  A medical history and some blood tests are also useful in determining causes of obesity. At minimum thyroid studies are essential, although simply correcting a weak thyroid does not always translate to rapid and permanent weight loss. For some, it is important to be deprogrammed via hypnosis and/or subliminal reprogramming. Hypnosis should be performed by a certified practitioner who will spend several session getting to understand you as a person and who can eventually produce a self-hypnosis tape for your personal daily use.

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