What is Holistic Medicine?

First, let me say what it is not. Holistic medicine is not alternative medicine whereby alternative substances such as herbs, vitamins, minerals and other supplements are used in place of conventional drugs. Neither is it complementary medicine whereby non-conventional therapies are added to mainstream medical practice. It is a philosophy, a way of practice in which understanding the entire person is required in order to prescribe a medication, in this case a homeopathic remedy. See more on A Typical Homeopathic Session.The foundation of homeopathy and holistic medicine in general is understanding the entire person – their physical, mental and emotional life through the language of their symptoms, their personality, and their general characteristics.  Other examples of holistic medical practice are traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. In these ancient healing arts a patient’s case is interpreted in terms of the imbalance of elements represented in their symptoms, their  physical examination and physiognomy. To achieve balance herbs, acupuncture, massage, meditation, gemstones and mantra may be prescribed. The other similarity these healing practices share is a believe in the existence of healing energy. Whether it is called prana, chi, the tide or the vital force, all share the understanding than man is more than a physical being and that our lives, minute by minute, are sustained by an invisible and self regulating energy.

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