2019 – 2022: The COVID Years

The COVID years start in 2019 and not in 2020 when the World Health Organization declared a world-wide pandemic. COVID also predates the December 2019 announcement by the Chinese government of the first cases of the disease. In November 2020, Italian researchers used blood collected for a lung cancer screening study which started in September 2019 and discovered that some of the samples were positive for COVID-19 antibodies (https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0300891620974755 ). This means that the virus had left China months before the December 2019 announcement. There is quite a bit of commerce between Italy and China these days. Tuscany is the home of “Little China” a collection of Chinese sweat shops producing Italian goods labeled, “Made in Italy”. There is still doubt about the actual origins of the COVID-19 virus; we know that it is somehow related to bats but whether or not this virus escaped from a lab or a marketplace may never be known with any certainty.

This timing also corresponds to what I saw in December, 2019 which I have documented in my newsletters and other blogs. The flu-like illness that I was treating as early cases of influenza, were, in hindsight, my first cases of COVID-19. During the Spring of 2020, I treated well over 40 cases of acute disease with homeopathy alone, losing only one patient who was hospitalized in the early days before any of the drug and antibody cocktails were used. Homeopathy prevented serious disease and hospitalizations and it is a tribute to a healing method developed over two hundred years ago; we owe a debt of thanks to the generations of homeopathic physicians who have preserved and nurtured this method over the years.

Homeopathy has long been used to treat epidemics. The founder, Samuel Hahnemann treated an outbreak of typhus in 1813 during the battle of Leipzig. He treated 180 patients, losing only two. In his classic homeopathic work, The Organon of Medicine, published in 1810, Hahnemann advised the following: (a) assume every epidemic to be new and unknown; (b) examine it thoroughly in all its details; (c) the totality of the signs and symptoms is revealed only after several cases are observed, never from any one patient; (d) the ordinary symptoms and the more unusual symptoms constitute the characteristic picture of the disease; (e) all patients who catch the epidemic are suffering from the same disease; (f) in subsequent cases the appropriateness of the remedy will be corroborated or a more appropriate one will be revealed. Normally, homeopathic remedy selection is highly individual based on the patients symptoms. Patients with the same diagnosis usually get different remedies because their expression of the disease is unique. However, homeopathic treatment during epidemics is the one exception to that rule. During an epidemic, every patient is treated with the same handful of remedies.

Following this advice and that of other old homeopathic masters, I was able to come up with a short list of remedies which proved useful. I published my experiences in the British journal, Homeopathy, in August 2020 ( https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32663887/ ). Since then, I have been helping patients with chronic COVID symptoms or Post COVID Syndrome. Homeopathy has proven useful for these patients as well. Twenty years after the last global pandemic in 1918, New York City homeopathic physician Guy Beckley Stearns, MD wrote an article in which he describes how influenza had left its imprint on the health of the survivors causing chronic illness. We will see how the survivors of COVID will fare but it is good to know that homeopathy will be there helping once again to raise the level of health of patients.

Before COVID vaccines were available, I recommended monthly doses of a homeopathic remedy to act as a preventive. Now that vaccines are available, that remedy is no longer needed and I have turned my attention to helping patients with short term vaccine reactions and homeopathy is working in that situation as well. Over the next year or two we will see if any chronic vaccine reactions will emerge and I am confident that homeopathy will play a significant role. Should new variants make the vaccines less effective, boosters will be developed to address the variants and even in that circumstance homeopathy will again be useful. I predict that going forward the medical establishment will begin to deny chronic COVID symptoms and chronic vaccine reactions. They have done this in the past with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chronic Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, the medical-industrial-complex operates much like a cartel. Once health and disability insurance costs begin to mount it will be more expedient to just deny the syndrome altogether and insist that any persistent symptoms must be psychiatric in nature and are not related to COVID. So why 2022 as the end date for the COVID years? Well it is just my best guess when we might begin to return to normal economically. I think by first quarter, 2022 we will feel that this pandemic is mostly behind us.

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