The Covid Vaccine Flashback

For the past several weeks I have been asking my patients about their reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine and some patients have reported a curious phenomenon. Usually after their second dose of the vaccine, they may experience a kind of flashback to an old symptom. It could be a pain in an old surgical scar or pain in an old injury they sustained years or decades ago. It could be premenstrual symptoms even though the patient is now in menopause. A friend of my wife even had nightmares like she had when she was a child. The theme of the dreams were the same themes as the nightmares she had as a child! I have never heard of this happening with any other vaccine. The “flashback” doesn’t last long, usually hours or at the most several days. This is very curious to a homeopath because sometimes when the correct remedy is given to a patient, old symptoms may return. This is usually a good sign, a sign that the remedy was correct and the vital force was stimulated to revisit an old illness and finally resolve the remnants of it.

This is not a vaccine reaction in the sense that the vaccine has caused a symptom. I have been treating Covid vaccine reactions for a couple of months now and they can be cured with homeopathy. The longest case of a vaccine reaction has been 8 weeks before resolution by homeopathic treatment. This “flashback” phenomenon is strictly speaking not a vaccine reaction or a side effect of the vaccine. It seems more like the immune system is somehow remembering or revisiting a previous condition much like the way a homeopathic remedy works. Curious indeed!

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