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2019 – 2022: The COVID Years

The COVID years start in 2019 and not in 2020 when the World Health Organization declared a world-wide pandemic. COVID also predates the December 2019 announcement by the Chinese government of the first cases of the disease. In November 2020, Italian researchers used blood collected for a lung cancer screening study which started in September […]

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Several weeks ago, a new magazine appeared in my waiting room. It is called GENOME. It is also available online at It is an interesting science magazine written for the general public and it features articles about genetics and cutting edge medicine. Just the ads from various cancer labs and hospitals will blow your mind. The Fall 2015 issue features an article entitled, Traces of the Past, concerning the emerging field of epigenetics. Epigenetics refers to molecular processes that leave durable marks on our DNA, altering the gene’s functioning independent of the DNA sequence.  If our genes are the instructions, then the epigenome is the punctuation. Some have likened the epigenome to software and the genome to computer hardware.

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A Homeopath on Vacation

In the professional life of every homeopathic physician there comes a turning point.  With growing confidence, trust and skill in the homeopathic method the physician closes the door on allopathic thinking.  Taking homeopathy to heart, it is a point of no return, an existential turn.  Homeopathy then penetrates into other aspects of one’s life beyond the daily clinical practice.  The method of healing becomes a way of understanding the world.  The similimum is not only the patient’s constitutional prescription but also a metaphor for understanding spouse, children, family and friends.  The remedy as type brings to light possibilities of behavior, strengths and weaknesses.  The homeopathic appreciation of those around us fosters understanding and tolerance.

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